Positioned southeast of Leichhardt, Stanmore is within a mere 15-minute reach for us, allowing us to swiftly respond to both business and residential computer repair and service calls within the area.



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Earth AI Australia office, located on Bridge Rd, Stanmore. Recently enlisted our help to address their Wi-Fi coverage challenges. Upon their request, we visited their premises to evaluate their Optus mobile NBN setup.

Stanmore at night

Our comprehensive assessment covered every room and warehouse space across their three-story building, ensuring no detail was overlooked. In understanding their business needs, we recommended an upgrade to a 1000M/1000M fiber connection to meet the bandwidth demands essential for their AI functions. We facilitated the acquisition and setup of a high-capacity firewall router, boasting a throughput of up to 4GB per second, alongside the installation of Wi-Fi 6 access points. These upgrades were strategically placed to ensure seamless Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of their business, enhancing both efficiency and connectivity for Earth AI Australia. 

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